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1997 was the start of turning a life long hobby into a business.  My focus is the Adirondacks, but I have traveled all over North America hiking and photographing most of my life.  To me Lake George is truly the queen of the lakes.  The Adirondacks are the best, but I do love going to the desert south west and the rocky mountains.  My photographs are all shot on transparency film or Fuji slide film.  I use large and medium format film cameras for a lot of reasons.  It definitely costs a lot more, takes more time, and is heavier bulkier, but is a joy to work with.  The output is magnificent and I am committed to sticking with it.  The prints are on Fuji crystal archive or Fuji metallic paper.  This is a digital printing process known for realistic and accurate color.  The paper is light sensitive processed through chemistry and is rated for 70 yrs.  The film is referred to as a chrome and the prints are referred to as silver halide, or Fuji Chrome prints.